• Project Supervisor

Industry : Other
Location : Solapur
Qualification : BE Mech.

Job Description
About Us :
We at Vitasta Consulting Pvt. Ltd is servicing the talent acquisition needs for many national and international clients across various domains. We have been helping find a large number of our clients quite a few leaders, functional experts as also emerging precocious talent since 1997.
About Company :
Our Client is among the most recognized manufacturer of reclaimed rubber from used tyres, up-scaled poly-amide from nylon waste and engineered products die-cut from end-of- life tyres. The company operates 4 business verticals (Reclaim Rubber, Industrial Polymers, Custom Die Forms, Retreading) with 7 manufacturing units across India.
Roles and Responsibility :

Designation:    Projects Supervisor

Qualification:  BE Mech.

Experience:    10 - 11 years in Projects Management

Reporting:      Plant Head

Job Description

  • Project supervisors make sure all aspects of a project are completed smoothly.
  • In order to make sure projects are done correctly, project supervisors must have a strong knowledge of each task.
  • As this is a general position, project supervisors are employed by a number of industries, the largest being the construction, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and design industries.
  • The work environment for project supervisors depends on their industry; those who work in construction, engineering, or manufacturing tend to work on-site, although they may have a trailer with an office.
  • Project supervisors who work in marketing, design, or similar office-based industries work in a standard office environment.
  • In addition to planning projects, project supervisors supervise the lower-level employees who work on different components of a given project.
  • While the National Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t give specific data on project supervisors, there will always be a need for this position in the construction and engineering industries. 
  • Working with project manager to plan projects and outline needed resources
  • Facilitating communication and resolving conflicts between lower-level employees and senior management
  • Assigning internal team members to projects as well as hiring and external labor as needed
  • Evaluating the performance of project team members to maximize productivity
  • Using financial and budget analysis to make sure projects are completed within budget


Projector Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities----

Participate in the Project Planning Process

  • Project supervisor’s work with the project manager to create a project plan and outline the resources needed to complete each phase of the project.
  • Project supervisors must understand how each component contributes to the project to best supervise it to completion.


Act as Communication Liaison between Low-Level Employees and Senior Management

  • Project supervisors have to have a good rapport with low-level employees to gather valuable feedback regarding the production process.
  • Happy workers are more productive, so it is up to project supervisors to work with senior management to settle any grievances.



Coordinate Labor Needs and Train Employees

  • Project supervisors are responsible for coordinating all labor needs for a given project. This involves picking internal team members, as well as hiring and training external labor when necessary.
  • It also involves creating and delivering project instructions to all team members.


Work with Account Management to Assess Client Needs

  • Project supervisors spend a majority of their day collaborating with one department or another.
  • This also involves meeting with the account manager for a given client project to clearly understand the client’s needs and budget, which is required to provide effective supervision.


Facilitate the Purchase and Delivery of Resources


  • Project supervisors work with the supply chain management team to order the resources necessary to complete a project.
  • They also are responsible for the timely delivery of these resources.


Make Sure Projects are Completed on Time and on Budget


  • Project supervisors perform all the tasks necessary to keep a project on time and on budget.
  • This involves keeping track of financial records, shipment records, daily labor logs, as well as constant communication with senior management.



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